♦ Cant Miss Deals for TSV Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink Stopper Sink

♦ Cant Miss Deals for TSV Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink Stopper Sink Stopper Cover Fits Dia 3.35in Standard Kitchen Drain or Kitchen Sink Strainer Fit most USA 3.19in Kitchen Sink Drain Universal Kitchen Sink Stopper


TSV Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink Stopper Sink Get Ahold of Fantastic Deals on:

2020 Sales on TSV Stainless Steel WOWParts team offers 30 days return or replacement quality warranty &lifetime technical supports. Please contact us freely if you need anyfurhterassistance.Sink Stopper Cover:Product Features: Compatibility: Fit standard kitchen drain size of 85mm/3.35in inner diameter andother kitchen sink garbage disposal. For non-disposal drain it can also use asdrain plug/stopper.Simple and Quick: Convenient to cover the drain or garbage disposal to stopwater flow hold water in your sink and protect your disposal.Easy to Use: There is no tools required easy to replace the old one justsimply place the stopper on your drain. Prevent spatter back or food and debrisinto the sewer.Stainless Steel and Rubber Gasket: Not become rust even after repeated use therubber seal around the hardware will provide a tight seal to stop the water.Product Specification: Type: Garbage Disposal Stopper (Sink Stopper Cover)Material: Stainless Steel + RubberColor: Stainless Steel + BlackDiameter: 85mm/3.35inSink Strainers:Product Features: Preventing Clogs and Draining Water Easily: Stop food debris and prevent clogsin your sink draining water easily through the 36 bar holes on the basket.Strainer/Stopper: Work as a kitchen drain strainer and a kitchen sink stopper.Durable Material: The sink strainer is made of durable stainless-steel materialwhich allows for durable usage. Suited to daily utilitarian use for long-lastingprotection against clogging.Easy to Clean: Post style basket makes for easy clean just remove the basket toempty.Fit Standard Sink: Fit most USA 3.19in kitchen sink drain stylish and modernlook matches your kitchen and home.Product Specification: Type: Sink StrainersMaterial: Stainless Steel + RubberColor: Stainless SteelStrainers: Diameter 81mm/3.19inStrainers Width: 81mm/3.19inStrainers Height: 17mm/0.67inPackage Included: Type A:1 x Garbage Disposal Stopper (Sink Stopper Cover)Type B:2 x Garbage Disposal Stopper (Sink Stopper Cover)Type C:2 x Sink StrainersType D:2 x Sink Strainers + 2 x Garbage Disposal Stopper (Sink Stopper Cover) Shopping Deals for TSV Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink Stopper

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