☢ New Deal for Myler 01 English Dee with Hooks (5-Inch)

☢ New Deal for Myler 01 English Dee with Hooks (5-Inch)


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The 10 Best Myler 01 English Stainless Steel 3 3/4 Dee with 2 Hooks with Stainless Steel Comfort Snaffle (MB 01) Copper Inlay Mouth. About the mouthpiece: the 01 mouthpiece is the Myler alternative to the traditional single-jointed mouthpiece commonly used in snae bits. When the reins are engaged the 01 will rotate fully on to the tongue in order to apply the necessary tongue pressure to teach a horse to give to the bit or break at the poll. The bars of the bit are curved so the bit wraps the bars and lips of the horses mouth instead of pinching them when it rotates on to the tongue. The curve makes more room for the horses tongue under the bit. The barrel in the center aects roughly the same surface area as the joint on a traditional single-jointed mouthpiece applying similar pressure on the tongue. However the barrel distributes the pressure more kindly across the barrel than the traditional joint and creates the Independent Side Movement . Similar to the 02 but the center barrel of the 01 is narrower than the 02 thus concentrating the pressure on the tongue more than the 02. For more tongue relief step up to the 04. From The Level Best for Your Horse by Dale Ron and Bob Myler. Toklat Originals Inc. New Bargains on Myler 01 English Dee with Hooks

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