☦ Spring Sales for M6 x 20 x 30mm Leveling Feet Adjustable

☦ Spring Sales for M6 x 20 x 30mm Leveling Feet Adjustable Leveler for Furniture Table Leg 16pcs


M6 x 20 x 30mm Leveling Feet Deals & Discounts for:

10% Off M6 x 20 Features:1. The length of the screw can be adjusted according to the needs during the use. You can use these leveling feet to install your product feet.2. They are particularly suitable for the product that is swaying during the use due to rough floors or bad leg ofthe product. It does not harm the floor and without noise during the use due to the plastic base.3. It can protect your furniture and linoleum floors from marring and scratches. And the plastic base can keep them from sitting on the moist floor and it will not leave rust rings anymore all over your ground.4. The adjustable leveling foot is for office or household furniture even industrial machine with threaded sockets. It isa greataccessory for DIY products.5. Install it to increase the height of your product while improving the overall stability decreasing the overall area of the product in contact with the ground reduce frictional resistance then move more effortless.Easy Installation:1. Before buying this use the tools to measure the diameter and specification of the mounting holes of your product determine the size that you need then buy the right one.2. Use a piece of tape on drill bit as a depth gauge.3. Use a drill bit to drill a mounting hole and the depth suitable for leveling foot.4. Tap the T-nut with a hammer to make it flush with the wood.5. Put a suitable leveling foot into the mounting hole screw it to the height that you want.Notes:1. Variability of 1-3mm is possible due tothe measurementprocess. (except the thread diameter)2. Due to the light and screen setting difference the color of the item may be slightly different from the pictures. New Savings for M6 x 20 x 30mm Leveling

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