☮ Heres a Great Price on Jamm Door Stopper to Stop Doors

☮ Heres a Great Price on Jamm Door Stopper to Stop Doors in BOTH Directions Regular Size 6-Pack


Jamm Door Stopper to Stop Doors in Cant Miss Savings on:

Take a Look at Deals for Jamm Door Stopper Award-winning Jamm Door Stopper Beats all other Door Stops and Decorative Door Wedges for Holding Doors in BOTH Directions. Traditional doorstops hold the door from one side only and are easily dislodged by a child pet breeze or accidental nudge; becoming a trip hazard or obstacle in the walkway. Jamms patented and unique design that fits under end of the door rather than the side will not dislodge easily when fitted securely making for a clear and safer walkway. It is multi-use: can help prevent finger injuries at home and at work; stops slamming doors and pets becoming trapped in rooms; and is perfect when painting or hanging a door. The anti-slip base provides superior gripping power allowing it to work on all floor surfaces. Works on all doors except doors with self-closing or lift off hinges. Available in 2 sizes to fit most door gaps – Size 1 REGULAR for door gaps measuring 0.1 to 1 inch gap and Size 2 JUMBO for gaps measuring 0.38 to 1.38 inch. Be sure to measure your door gap before purchasing. A MUST HAVE for every home office business and toolbox! Great for trades and DIY projects such as painting or hanging a door; movers and decorators; hospitals and schools; hotels and museums – hardware for anywhere you need a door to remain securely open. Made from premium grade materials in the UK. Free of Lead BpA and Phthalates. UL Tested and the only door stop in the world to comply with the European General Product Safety Regulation 2005. Jamm has won multiple innovation awards in the Child Safety and Housewares Design sector. Makes a for an original housewarming or hostess gift Fathers Day and shower gift not to forget great stocking stuffers at Christmas. New Bargains on Jamm Door Stopper to Stop Doors

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