✥ Winter Sales for GOLBERG Wilderness Cord – 10 Feet 25 Feet

✥ Winter Sales for GOLBERG Wilderness Cord - 10 Feet 25 Feet 50 Feet and 100 Feet - Available in a Variety of Colors


GOLBERG Wilderness Cord – 10 Feet 25 2020 Sales on:

Shopping Deals for GOLBERG Wilderness Cord Golberg Wilderness Cord is the perfect tool to add to your outdoor supplies. Made in the USA you can be sure of the high-quality make of the Wilderness Cord. Created by using 11 strands for the inner core and covering it in a premium nylon sheath. Golberg Wilderness Cord has been tested to hold up to 625 pounds.The 11-Strand Inner Core not only provides a high strength but also can be taken apart and used separately to fulfill many survival needs. There are 7 Nylon Strands that can be used for many different purposes. There is also a Waxed Jute Cord that is a perfect material to be kindling for your fire. The Nano Aramid Cord can withstand up to 900-degrees F and can hold 110 pounds of weight making it ideal for cooking your food and it can even be used as a friction saw. There is also a 10-pound Monofilament Fishing Line to help with all your fishing desires. Lastly is a strand of extremely strong Dyna X Cord. The Dyna X Cord has low stretch applications which makes it great for snaring animals and hoisting supplies.Golberg Wilderness Cord comes in 7 outdoor colors and in 4 lengths. Wilderness Cord is able to be a multi-use material while also maintaining its flexibility. This makes it perfect to create many survival items like bracelets lanyards slings and more! Get The Deal. 10% Off GOLBERG Wilderness Cord – 10 Feet

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