☺ Amazing Sales for Accumulair FA16X22.25X0.5A Platinum 0.5 In. Filter Pack Of

☺ Amazing Sales for Accumulair FA16X22.25X0.5A Platinum 0.5 In. Filter  Pack Of 4


Accumulair FA16X22.25X0.5A Platinum 0.5 In. Filter Great Deal on:

Amazing Savings on Accumulair FA16X22.25X0.5A Platinum The Accumulair Platinum is a superior choice for residential filtration and is a better solution for commercial use. This filter uses electrostatic filtration to remove 65-79% of air pollutants ranging in size from 1.0 microns to 3.0 microns. This means that it removes a large bulk of particles like dust mites bacteria pet dander pollen smoke and mold spores. Though rated as a medium-efficiency filter the Accumulair Platinum filter has special electrostatic filtration that is almost equal to that of a true HEPA filter and it achieves a 60-65% dust spot efficiency. This feature makes the Accumulair Platinum filters 30 times more efficient than regular fiberglass filters. These filters made to fit any filter system.FeaturesMERV 11 RatingSupercharged pleated panel filtering media ideally suited for capturing fine airborne allergens such as dust smoke dander mold pet dander and dust mites attracts particulates like dust to a TV screen.Uniform pleat shape enhances dust holding capacity and maximizes air flow.Heavy duty construction frame prevents airflow bypassElectrostatic filtrationListed and rated by Underwriters Laboratories as U.L. Class 2Finish PlatinumPack 4Size 1/2 in.Dimension 16 x 22.25 x 0.5 in. (Actual Size)ConstructionThe construction of the Accumulair Platinum filters is specially wrought to create higher efficiency cleaner air and longer-lasting filtration. These filters are constructed of a special Tribo-Electric synthetic media which ultimately leads to higher efficiency and low resistance to air flow. Not only do the co-polymer micro-fibers help produce higher efficiency but they are also hydrophobic which means the filter does not absorb moisture and will not support the growth and spread of microbes like mold mildew bacteria and fungi. For more dependable structure the pleated filter media is laminated to a recyclable galvanized and corrosion resistant metal backing which also contributes to low resistance to air flow. This media pack is then bonded to the inside of a two-piece die cut frame that is constructed of a heavy duty moisture resistant clay coated board; designed with diagonal and horizontal grid supports this final product produces longer stronger durability for the filter.100% high performance Tribo-Electric synthetic mediaCotton/polymer blend micro-fibersLow resistance to airflowDoes not support microbial growthRecyclable galvanized corrosion resistant metal backingHeavy duty construction frameAccumulair Platinum RemovesFine dust particlesDust mitesBacteriaMold sporesPet danderTobacco smokePollen grainsAuto emission particlesLint dirt debris etc.- SKU: FLTN413 Spectacular Deals on Accumulair FA16X22.25X0.5A Platinum 0.5 In. Filter

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